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Dolls and teddies

Dolls and teddies can make the perfect gift. We can create beautiful porcelain dolls tailored made to suit your requirements. Whether you want blonde hair, brown hair, blue eyes, green eyes, brown skin, white skin you can design the doll you desire.


With over 30 years of experience we provide reliable doll and teddy services.

Expert service

•  Doll creation

•  Doll and teddy repair

•  Range of dolls and teddies to purchase

•  Accessories available

•  Old toy repair

•  Custom made dolls

Doll care

Does your doll or teddy need help? Our doll and teddy hospital will care and repair your antique dolls back to their original selves in no time.


Some dolls and teddies are worth fixing. Accidents happen; we understand how gutting it can be when something that you treasure gets broken. Don't worry though we will restore your doll back to normal.

Create the dolls and teddies

you want

Broken arms, missing eyes, rubbed off face? Has your doll seen better days? Giving dolls and teddies the attention and care they need is what we do best, it's our profession so we guarantee to do a good job. Whatever the doll or teddy, whatever the ailments, we have the time, patience and expertise to help bring them back to life.

Is your doll or teddy looking sad? Call us on 01692 650 738

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