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Some dolls and teddies are worth fixing

Making dolls and bears beautiful again


Accidents happen; we know how upsetting it can be when something you treasure gets broken.


Whether it’s the kids running around or the dog chewing something he shouldn't, old toys can get ruined. Don't just leave it broken.

Fixing what's broken

Don’t worry, we can repair and restore you old antique dolls, teddies or whatever toy has been broken. We'll leave it looking as good as new, repairing all that was broken and restoring it to its original state.

Bringing old toys back to life

We repair all types of porcelain dolls and can also repair porcelain plates and bowls. We also repair vinyl and reborn dolls, antique jointed dolls bodies, plus fingers and toes.

Our repair process includes putting your doll or teddy back together trying to match it to the original as much as possible and we will then repaint it.

Our services include:

•  Re-stuffing

•  Attach new eyes and ears

•  Mend holes

•  New growl

•  Mend shattered faces

•  New arm and leg pads

Visit the doll hospital for broken dolls, call us on

01692 650 738

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