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Whatever the doll, we'll create it

Creating the doll you want


Design a doll perfect for you. From head to toe you can select and choose specific requirements to ensure that we create you the doll you desire.

Dolls and teddies to be proud of

From baby dolls to lady dolls to modern and traditional teddies we have an extensive range to choose from.


Your doll can have a soft body or a porcelain body, painted on hair or a wig, make your doll look as adorable or as sophisticated as you wish.

We make individual clothing

We use antique patterns and materials for your specific requirements. Bonnets and accessories, beautiful doll bonnets made with antique materials and lace created to fit your individual dolls.

We create a various selection of doll house miniatures, whether you need a mother, father, baby or grandma we can create you a family to fill your doll house. We make 1/12 and 1/24 scale, made to order.


Your doll can be kitted out with everything it needs. We sell a selection of doll accessories including clothes, shoes, pants and hats. We even sell reproduction porcelain doll kits allowing you to recreate antique dolls from scratch.


We even sell reproduction kits that allow you to make antique style dolls.

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Members of your dolls house

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